At RPworkshop, we provide solutions for the virtual world!

With our Rapid Prototyping Services and Render Farm Facility, you can present design concepts & ideas faster and more effectively.

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If you are looking to create a physical prototype of your product, or render your 3D visualisations faster, RPworkshop is here to support your needs.

RPworkshop has been providing visualisation services since 2000. The studio team consists of professionals from a range of fields (Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture / Product Design, Engineering, Computer Graphics, Web Development, Flash Development, Programming Specialists etc).

RPworkshop also maintains servers hosted at data centres in US, China and Singapore. This is managed by our web hosting service, 100for100 Web Hosting.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Virtual model to 3D Physical model with RPworkshop's Rapid Prototyping Service

Convert your 3D file into a physical plastic / metal prototype and communicate your designs more effectively!

Providing highly accurate, realistically rendered 3D images are common, nowadays, in presenting an idea to the client. Now, you can provide an edge to your presentation by also providing a physical model which the client can interact with.

From Product Design, Furniture Design to Engineering and even Toy Design, you can now see / feel your product mock-up and catch design flaws / make adjustments before it goes into mass production! We can even convert your online IM or game characters / avartars into physical figurines.

RPworkshop provides prototyping using various methods, such as Fused Deposit Modelling, Stereolithography, CNC Milling, Vacuum Casting, Metal Casting etc.

If you have a 3D model file, we can make it!

RPworkshop's Hardware / Software support

Our facility and partner-facility provide a full range of machines / materials to assist you in rapid prototyping your product.

We support a range of popular 3D software files but the industry standard of STL / IGES / STEP format is preferred. We also provide silkscreen printing and spray painting.

How to get a quote?

Send us your file via our Dropbox upload system or email to and our engineers will review your files and provide a quote.

Do provide us with information on what the product will be used for, what materials you want, quantity and finishing required. Once we receive the file, our technical team will also analyse the file, and contact you. We will also advise on the most effective material for your product.

A quote will be generated, with a rendered view of the model for confirmation. Upon completion, we will pack and courier the prototype/s to you. The time required from start to delivery ranges between 6-10 days, depending on the type of prototyping / quantity and complexity of model.

Render Farm Facility

Is your creativity limited by the CPU resources you have?

RPworkshop provides render farm facilities, combining cutting edge technology, with 3D software expertise to help cut your render times.

In whatever field you are, from 3D modelling / animation to broadcast / motion graphics, RPworkshop can help you complete the long, arduous task of rendering your work. Instead of dedicating PCs or straining existing PCs resources, send your files to us and we'll feed them through our render farm.

Spend more time improving the quality of your work, instead of waiting for your renders!

RPworkshop's Hardware / Software support

Our facility is powered by:

How to get a quote?

Send us your file via our Dropbox upload system or email to and our engineers will review your files and provide a quote.

Do advise us on the render output required e.g. pixel dimension of rendered files and number of frames.

Our Clients

Over the years, RPworkshop and H1Studio have provided professional services to:

Singapore Police Force
Apex Design Consultants
Derma Formulae Group
North East Cdc
Universal Music
ST Engineering
Singapore Polytechnic
Nanyang Polytechnic
National University Of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University

Kenneth Wui, ADConsultants

... Our clients only gave us a quick sketch of what they wanted. RPworkshop took the sketch and in 1 week, we presented a 3D animation AND a physical model to our client. They were impressed ...

Andrew Chang, Somo.Net

... What I value most is the quick response to my queries. I have to move fast to offer the best services to my corporate customers and responsiveness is important and part of my service committment to my valued customers ...

Contact us

For further information, please feel free to contact us via email with images of what you require.

We prefer requests to come through email as it provides an systematic audit trail of all communication between you and us so that all the facts can be passed on to whomever may be working your request.

RPworkshop c/o H1Studio Pte Ltd
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#06-162, Kitchener Complex
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phone: +65 9683 2831
fax: +65 6298 5968

Due to possible large file size, please zip and send using and insert the download link here.
Or send us your file via our Dropbox upload system.

     – 3D files: STEP / IGES
     – 2D files for silkscreening if required: PSD / AI
     – Reference files for Pantone code for painting if required or assembly if required

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